On TV and Radio

Sepp Blatter being investigated for Criminal Mismanagement. Swiss television SRF, 25.09.2015

Sepp Blatter and the TV contract with Jack Warner: “Caribbean only region in the World where price for TV rights decreased.” Swiss television SRF, 13.09.2015

Sepp Blatter sold TV rights worth millions for only 600’000 USD to his former buddy Jack Warner. Swiss television SRF, 11.09.2015

Basel radio Basilisk: Druck auf Sepp Blatter wächst, 28.05.2015

News program “10vor10” on Swiss television SRF1: Ermittlungen gegen die FIFA, 27.05.2015

Talk show “Der Club” on Swiss television SRF1: Der Kater vor Katar, 24.03.2015

Die Sport-Schützer. ARD Radio-Feature. März 2014

Was bringt die Lex FIFA? on German television 3sat, 31.01.2014

News program”10v0r10″ on Swiss television SF1: Kritik trotz Reformen, 17.07.2012

News program “Tagesschau” on Swiss television SF1: Fifa kämpft mit Korruptionsvorwürfen, 16.07.2012

News program “Sportschau” on German television ARD: Druck auf Blatter wächst, 15.07.2012

News program “Morgenmagazin” on German television ZDF: Fifa-Skandal – Blatter unter Druck, 13.07.2012

World Radio Switzerland: Release of document shows FIFA’s knowledge of bribes, 12.07.2012

News program DRS4 aktuell on Swiss Radio: Korruption bei der FIFA: “Sepp Blatter war involviert”, 12.07.2012

News program “Tagesschau” on Swiss television SF1: Rega transportiert US-Soldaten. 03.05.2012

Yourope on Arte TV: Suisse – corruption facile en milieu sportif. 31.07.2011

Brazilian TV station Rede Record. 17.06.2011

BBC’s Panorama: Fifa – Football’s shame. 23.05.2011

BBC’s Panorama: The Beautiful Bung – Corruption and the World Cup. 11.06.2006